Saturday, January 17, 2009

Warming up with Walls

It's six million degrees below zero, but we here at chashama 217 are keeping things toasty with fabric, staples, and zip-zap-zop.

Hidy-ho, Alexis the Director here.

We've seen some pretty dramatic enhancements in the space over the past few days. The bubbling walls are beginning to take their final shape and are looking fantastic. It turns out that sticking your face in soft spandex is an excellent destressing technique. In addition to telepathy, I'll be leading a relaxation workshop after this show opens featuring Fun With Two-Way Stretch exercises. ...Well, maybe.

The Dogu screens have paper, and very nearly all the show's internal wooden-skeleton is up! The rest is falling into place and the space gets more beautiful every day. Best of all, we've been having some great rehearsals with the cast - starting with theater games and object workshops, and moving on to exploring each set element as it finishes.

I want to thank our volunteer builders again. Castmember Miyu has put in some work at our carving table, Ethan continues to be a tremendous help, and welcome to Antoine who is new to the world of spectacle-theater but is darn handy with masking tape and craft paper.

And get this: Our FABULOUS composer Sxip Shirey has completed the first draft of our score! The cast and I will start working with it this weekend. Let me just say this: it will make all of your internal organs do sommersaults! One at a time, though, so don't worry. There's no health risk in taking part in this ride. Except that you might never look at performance the same way again.

à tout à l'heure...

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